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Altech Security Integration will work with you to design the best system to protect your needs when an alarm occurs. Your home and businesses can be protected by integration of various monitoring systems:

Fire detection monitoring:

When smoke is detected, our monitoring team will be alerted. You and the fire emergency services are alerted and emergency services are dispatched. Whether you are home and asleep or away, you home and business is protected.

Intrusion monitoring:

When an intrusion is detected, whether you are at home or away, our monitoring team will be ready to respond. You will be alerted by various alert systems if you wish. Police and guards will also be alerted to investigate.

Emergency services:

Emergency services can be requested directly using your keypad or optional wireless emergency button.

Flood and water detection monitoring:

Damage due to water can be reduced or prevented. Our flood monitoring and warning systems can be also added as an extra layer of protection to existing detection systems.

Carbon monoxide monitoring:

Protect yourself, your employees and your loved ones against the disastrous consequences of undetected carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide gases are virtually undetectable. Our detectors help protect you by alerting you to the presence of this dangerous gas and immediately notifying our monitoring centres to evacuate and alert emergency services.

Extremes in temperature detection:

You can receive alerts to abnormal temperature extremes in your environments. This monitoring services provides alerts to possible precursors of pipe bursting and damage due to water.


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