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Altech Security Integration is a proudly Canadian, leading provider of security tools and services that save lives, time and money. We offer a wide range of integrated security tools that enhance safety, reduce losses from theft and mitigate risk. At Altech Security Integration we take the time to understand each specific security challenge and present our clients with customized solutions that fit every situation, requirement and budget. Our 24/7 technical team provides outstanding support and service during all phases of our clients projects from system design to installation and maintenance.




High definition video technology can be a powerful deterrent to criminal activity that causes harm to property and businesses. It can also provide evidence and help protect owners from fraudulent slip-and-fall scams and false liability claims. If incidents occur such a theft, illegal dumping, trespassing, vandalism or a break and enter, a well-designed video surveillance system can provide the necessary evidence for police to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators. Systems are equipped with video look-in capabilities to allow you to check on your property or business in real-time in addition to recording clear images to be retrieved on demand.

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Thermographic Temperature Camera


Contact-free Thermal Cameras allow you to accurately measure temperature from a social safe distance. This can help create a safe, productive and healthy working environment to safeguard your team.

We have the technology to efficiently and accurately detect what can we seen, and now, what can’t.

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Safety of employees is of paramount importance and investing in the right access control solution is central to the protection of your employees, site visitors and ultimately the success of your company. Electronic access control systems replace conventional locks with electronic devices that are operated by swiping an authorized card or key fob which momentarily unlocks the door. This helps not only keep unwanted trespassers out of the building but also helps keep track of who enters the building or critical area.

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Life Safety and Environmental Sensors

Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide sensor systems are the primary life safety systems for every building. When properly deployed, these systems can reduce the probability of injury or loss of life and can limit damage due to fire, smoke, heat and other factors. In addition, we understand the unique nature of each building and will ensure the systems we recommend are purpose and site-matched to the potential fire hazards and specific insurance requirements of your business. Most buildings and homes are already required to have local sensors by law, but integrating life safety sensors into an actively monitored security alarm system will trigger both a locally sounding alarm as well as a response from the fire department or relevant response personnel.

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Altech Security Integration offers a wide range of personalized solutions that are custom designed for your specific needs. Our security equipment is known for its state-of -the- art technology and unmatched reliability for commercial security and custom home alarms. With Altech Remote Services you can control and manage your security system and connect your business or home from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device.

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Get 24/7 professional monitoring, assistance and response when alarms occur. Your business or home can be protected through various monitoring systems including fire detection monitoring, burglary monitoring, emergency service monitoring, carbon monoxide detection monitoring, extreme temperature monitoring and flood monitoring.

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We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and your specific Security challenges.


We’ll show you how to solve your biggest Security and Surveillance issues.


Your salesperson and dedicated team will guide you through the installation and monitoring process.

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